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Kevin Meynell is the Content and Resource Manager working in the Office of the CITO. His main responsibility is for the Deploy360 program which encourages deployment of key Internet technologies including IPv6, DNSSEC Routing Security and TLS. This involves identifying resources and producing content that support the goals of the program, along with social media and outreach activities to promote and raise awareness of developments in these areas.

Kevin graduated from Middlesex University with a degree in Geography, and discovered the Internet whilst working at the JET Nuclear Fusion Project in the early-90s. This led to a move to UKERNA (now JISC) in 1995 where he worked on the SuperJANET and National Dial-Up Service initiatives, before joining TERENA (now the GÉANT Association) in 1997. Aside from an 18-month sabbatical to help establish CENTR, he spent the next 16 years working on activities including the 6NET and 6DISS IPv6 deployment projects, eduroam, the Global Lambda Interconnect Facility, the TERENA X.509 PKI Service and TF-CSIRT, as well as being responsible for NREN Development Support in Eastern and Southern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and occasionally the Caribbean region. 

After leaving TERENA, he worked as the Manager of the Shibboleth Consortium that develops the widely Shibboleth web single sign-on software, before moving to APNIC as its Head of Training in 2014. He joined the Internet Society in October 2015.

Kevin has also been the Executive Secretary of GLIF since 2012, organising the Annual Global LambdaGrid Workshops. He was previously the Coordinator and ex-officio Steering Committee member of TF-CSIRT from 2008 to 2012, where he developed a new governance structure, CSIRT certification process and training courses, as well as establishing the joint FIRST/TF-CSIRT Technical Symposia. Whilst at CENTR he chaired the RIPE Domain Name Registration Forum, and more recently organised NREN development conferences for the European Union's Eastern Partnership as well as the TERENA/RIPE promotional events for World IPv6 Day and World IPv6 Launch Day. 

Kevin Meynell is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Latest Posts

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    Date published 14 July 2017
  • In this post for the Internet Society Rough Guide to IETF 98, I’m reviewing what’s happening related to IPv6 at IETF 98 in Chicago next week. IPv6 global adoption rates increased by over 50% last year as pools of IPv4 addresses approached depletion...
    Date published 22 March 2017
  • In this post for the Internet Society Rough Guide to IETF 97, I’ll take a look at some recent IPv6 activity and what’s happening at IETF 97 in Seoul next week. It’s been a good year for IPv6 with several sources indicating that global IPv6 adoption...
    Date published 08 November 2016
  • IPv6 has again been hitting the headlines this year, with several sources reporting global IPv6 adoption rates of well over 10%, but perhaps more importantly, substantial increases in IPv6 capability in major Internet markets. A number of large ISPs...
    Date published 15 July 2016
  • The Internet Society’s CITO Olaf Kolkman will be speaking about Collaborative Security at TNC 2016 during the plenary session on Tuesday, 14 June 2016 from 11:00-11:45AM CEST/UTC+2. Olaf will talk about how Internet has been a powerful driver for...
    Date published 10 June 2016