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Jeff Wilbur joins the Internet Society as, Director, Online Trust Alliance. He is responsible for integrating, developing, and extending the OTA initiative within the Internet Society’s overall mission and objectives. He has over 25 years of experience in high technology, all focused on bringing new, industry-transforming communications technologies to market. He has been involved at the founding stages of Ethernet, routing, switching, VOIP, unified messaging, and email authentication and services in both startups and Fortune 500 companies.

He has been an OTA member for over a decade and Chairman since 2013. In addition, he has worked with the OTA in a consulting role as a project lead, analyst, and author. Jeff has a technical and business background with a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Stanford.

He is based in Colleyville, TX.

Latest Posts

  • Today the OTA released the 9th annual Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll. This year’s Audit is our most comprehensive ever, assessing more than 1000 consumer-facing sites for their adoption of best practices in consumer/brand ...
    Date published 20 June 2017