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Jairus leads Internet Society's social media outreach to increase our online presence across diverse platforms and engagement channels. 

He remembers NCSA Mosaic; his first email address started with uunet! and he has been making websites since Netscape 2 was the new and buggy browser.

While he spends most of his working hours designing and implementing digital strategies, he also enjoys hosting workshops on why public institutions should use social media, speaking to publications and media on the subject of digital culture, and writing in the third person.

He consulted with Industry and Heritage Canada on the technological effects of copyright reform and has been organizing events in support of independent music since he was old enough to attend them. (Possibly even before that.)

He joined the Internet Society’s Communications Department in 2015 and is very confident that thirteen-year-old Jairus would be extremely stoked if he knew he was going to work here someday.

Before coming to work at the Internet Society, Jairus worked as the Web Communications Coordinator for the Bank of Canada. While in that role he led the development of a new website, wrote the Bank’s social-networking guidelines, assisted the Department of Finance in meeting accessibility standards, liaised with the European Central Bank and Federal Reserve, and unsuccessfully lobbied to have Wolverine replace Sir Wilfred Laurier on the five-dollar bill.

Jairus is based in Canada.

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