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Jérémie Crausaz worked as an IT Trainee at Ville de Lausanne for about 3 years after obtaining his professional computer training. He then transitioned with ITS SA working on a mission of a deployment for nearly 2,500 workstations. Following the end of this project, he was called to serve in the Swiss Army in Zurich for a year and a half. He returned to ITS SA after his service ended with the Swiss Army where he worked in delegation with "Nestlé Switzerland" as part of a mission in their license inventory.
Jérémie craved to learn and master the language of Shakespeare which led him to initiate a trip to New-Zealand in 2012. After a year of travels, Jérémie joined SPIE SA to work in delegation with the Internet Society in a “System Support” capacity, later to join the ISOC team as a full-time staff member of the IT Department.
Jérémie Crausaz is based in Geneva, Switzerland.