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Leni supports a wide range of programs at the Internet Society, including the ISOC Fellowship to the IETF, international meeting and communications activities, and many of the daily needs of the Reston office. Previously, Leni had an extensive career as an educator in the nutrition field where she ran a successful business for nine years as the publisher of the Supermarket Savvy nutrition newsletter, a bi-monthly publication for 1500 subscribers, focusing on the informational needs of dietetics practitioners. Leni also appeared in seven videotapes focusing on nutrition, wrote nutrition columns for the Dallas Morning News, and also wrote a monthly nutrition column for Shape magazine that ran for eight years. She and her husband Charles Nazare have one daughter.

Leni is based in Reston, United States

Latest Posts

  • “I believe in the Gandhian principle. Unless any benefit reaches the last person, in the last village, in the last corner. And for me it would be that last little girl dressed in rags hoping for a future. When and if it [the Internet] reaches her,...
    Date published 20 November 2015