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Christian O’ Flaherty joined the Internet Society as Senior Education Manager in July 2009, where his work focuses on promoting Internet access, growth, and sustainability in Latin American and the Caribbean.

Christian began his career in academia, lecturing on operating systems, networking, and data communications at the Universidad Nacional del Sur in Argentina. In 1995, he became the Internet Operations Director at the Argentine National Research and Education Network (RETINA), where he was responsible for network planning and operations, coordinating more than 20 universities and research institutions that were connected through RETINA to the NSFNET.

In 1997, Christian joined IMPSAT, a Latin American provider of IP, hosting and data solutions. He played a key role in IMPSAT’s evolution from satellite-based communications to a regional IP fiber network and managed Internet services and network planning in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.

Global Crossing acquired IMPSAT Fiber Networks in 2006. With Global Crossing, Christian served as Latin American Internet Product Marketing Manager, and was responsible for developing and implementing the strategic plan for Internet products in the region.

Christian served as the Policy Chair of LACNIC from 2004 to 2008. He has been an active participant in other local, regional, and international forums including the Argentine IPv6 Task Force, the Argentine ISP association (CABASE), the Latin American IXP association (NAPLA), and the Internet Governance Forum (IGF).

Christian is based in Montevideo, Uruguay

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