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Our Global Approach

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In order to achieve our mission the Internet Society (ISOC) must be an organization of global influence and action. As such, we focus our work around key objectives and impacts that will make a substantial difference globally. The Internet Society’s vision, mission, and principles serve as our foundation and remain at the core of our positions and activities.

Taking on Issues on a Global Level

The Internet Society takes on many of the most important and challenging issues facing the Internet – and we do so on a global level. 

Given the complexity, cross-disciplinary, and global nature of the issues we address, the Internet Society advances its work on a cross-organizational, geographically broad basis. This allows us to apply a range of knowledge, expertise, and capacities to advance our objectives.

With the engagement and involvement of our Chapters, Members, and other community partners, as well as the important work of our Regional Bureaus, and other departments across the organization, we are able to advance a range of key programmes and impacts at a depth and reach remarkable for an organization of our size.