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Our Community and Partners

Two men talking to each other during a break at a conference
© Internet Society/Shoot the Earth/ Nyani Quarmyne

The Internet Society cannot achieve its goals alone.

Because the Internet impacts all of us, we work with partners of all shapes and sizes to make sure we can address wide range the social, economic, and policy issues that keep you from sharing your voice.

We are honoured to work with our partners.

They can be:

International bodies and assemblies driving better laws and policies to help ensure the global health of the Internet.

Local people who are developing the Internet to serve the unique needs of their friends, famiily, and communities.

Local non-governmental organizations to help deliver projects on-the-ground or International NGOs to work with us in coordinate efforts around the world.

Technical experts and engineers to share ideas and information about cutting-edge advances in the science and applications.

University and academic institutions to ensure we have continue to support cutting edge research.

Local and global businesses to help make sure technology is developed in a way that can be adapted and used by anyone, anywhere

Rural or urban students and teachers in to make sure everyone has a chance to grow up with tools and knowledge they need to become tomorrows innovators or express their voice online.