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Internet Society Special Interest Groups (SIG)

What is a Special Interest Group (SIG)

A SIG is a non-geographical independent entity recognized by the Internet Society. A SIG is formed by Individual Members of the Internet Society to pursue significant long-term activities that support the mission of the Internet Society. 

SIGs have a global scope and have Individual Members of the Internet Society who are also members of a geographical Chapter.

Join a SIG

Join a SIG today and help promote a particular cause related to the Internet. Find out more on our Join a Special Interest Group page.

Start a SIG

The application and charter process for SIGs will be the same as for geographical Chapters. Find out more on our Start a Special Interest Group page. Once you have successfully applied for the Chapter and have gone through the review process, you will receive the Internet Society Chapter Charter letter which outlines the support the Chapter will get from the Internet Society as well as the minimum standards you will need to uphold as an Internet Society Chapter.

SIGs connection to geographical Chapters

Collaboration between geographical Chapters and SIGs is highly recommended, as the local dissemination of information and impact will be crucial to the success of the SIGs.