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 Internet Society Chapters brings together individual members
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Working together in Internet Society Chapters, our members help us further our cause to achieve an open and free Internet - an Internet for everyone. Chapters are central to our work, bringing together our members in local and regional groups that run programmes and activities dedicated, among other things, to informing policy and educating the public about Internet-related issues.

Our Chapters provide us with unique local and regional perspectives on emerging Internet issues, and there are currently over 110 active Chapters across six continents. They all share an interest and believe in our principles and mission, and they’re committed to furthering our goals and objectives in their own geographical area.

Chapter activities

Our Chapters run a varied programme of events, programmes and activities that all work to support our principles and mission, including: 

  • Educational events - educating members or the general public about Internet-related issues such as security, broadband access, IPV6, child safety, network neutrality, and much more.
  • Community programmes- ensuring Internet access for economically disadvantaged people or those with disabilities, covering areas such as hardware, software, distribution and best practices.
  • Public policy programmes - informing policy and decision makers about Internet issues such as net neutrality, copyright protection, censorship, or human rights.
  • Networking events - helping members connect with like-minded people who share an interest in bringing the benefits of the Internet to everyone.

Join a Chapter

Join a Chapter today and help promote the evolution and use of the Internet by all people throughout the world. Find out more on our Get Involved pages, including how to find details of your nearest Chapter.