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Set Your Goals

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What will we do? Start by setting goals.

Internet Society Chapters can operate on many different levels, and you probably have great ideas for what your Chapter can achieve. But in general, start by focussing on your strengths, don't try to do too much at once, and build momentum around those early, small successes. The bottom line is, you don’t want to build a car if you’re trying to cross an ocean, so let’s pick one or two projects for the first year and build the organization we need to successfully launch those projects. You’ll find, over time, that success tends to breed success and attracts more and more volunteers, members, and financial sponsors to your side. Early failures, on the other hand, risk driving people away and don’t reflect well on your résumé.

Once you’ve picked your first project (and ideally you have a group of like-minded individuals who want to participate), the very first step is to get everyone to agree on exactly what “success” means. This requires that you set goals for the project that, to the extent possible, are:

  • Meaningful – Is the project worth doing?
  • Measureable – If two individuals look at the result will they give it the same grade?
  • Specific – The more the better.
  • Achievable – Be realistic. We want to stretch, but not break.
  • Time-constrained – Set a date and stick to it.

With the right set of goals in hand, you can then construct the team and the plan to achieve those goals and get your chapter off to a successful start.

Next step – Identify the Resources you'll need to make it so!