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Internet Resilience and Stability

Internet security through resilience and stability
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The open and global nature of the Internet, built on fundamental principles of open standards, voluntary collaboration, reusable building blocks, integrity, permission-free innovation and global reach, has enabled remarkable social and economic innovation in ways that we could never have imagined. At the same time, using the Internet is not without risk. Malicious actors also see opportunities to gain benefit through fraud, thwart the activities of others or cause other damage. Closing the Internet is not the solution.

Instead, we need to focus on ensuring the Internet is stable, secure and resilient. To do so, it is important that these issues be addressed by all stakeholders in a spirit of collaboration and shared responsibility. It is also important that these issues be addressed in ways that do not undermine the global architecture of the Internet or curtail internationally recognized human rights.

The Internet Society is working closely with the OECD, APEC, ENISA, WEF and other organizations to develop policy solutions that further this goal. In the technology space, our focus is on resiliency and security of two main pillars of the Internet - its naming and routing systems.

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