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Why It Matters

Domain Name System Security Extensions - or DNSSEC -  allows users to have more confidence in the online activities that are increasingly becoming a part of our lives at work, home, and school. DNSSEC acts like tamper-proof packaging for domain name data, helping to ensure that you are communicating with the correct website or service.

Before you connect to a website, your browser will use the DNS to retrieve an IP address. However, it is possible for an attacker to intercept your DNS query and provide false information. DNSSEC provides a level of additional security so that your browser can check to make sure the DNS information has not been modified.

As it is open, DNSSEC also provides us with a platform for future innovations to enhance user confidence in Internet-based services.

Our Work

Together with leaders from across the Internet community and through our Deploy360 Programme, we are actively engaged in work to drive the broad deployment of DNSSEC and other standards for continuous improvements in Internet security. We provide hands on, technical deployment information to IT professionals responsible for implementing DNSSEC.


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