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Inforum Course: Fundraising For Internet Society Chapters

The Internet Society’s way of bringing the Internet to everyone combines our unmatched global reach with a strong foundation in technology, open standards development, and public policy.

We take action at every level. Internet Society Chapters are individual members of the Internet Society that are committed to bringing innovative solutions to meet the needs of people.

Chapters make up and extended community that works to undertake a variety of activities. Find one near you.

As a volunteer, your Chapter can raise funds to help bring the Internet to the world in many ways.  

By taking this course, you can develop the skills and know-how to make it easier for your Chapter to run a successful fundraising campaign.

Who Should Attend

You should attend this course if:

  • You need to raise funds to support Chapter activities
  • You are interested in learning how to prepare grant proposals
  • You are an ISOC member interested in learning about fundraising
  • You are a non-member interested in the specifics of fundraising and grant management (you need to become an ISOC member to access the online learning platform)

What You Will Learn

The modules in this course cover:

  • Introduction to Chapters Funding
  • Membership Fees, ISOC Funding, and Strategic Partnerships
  • Sponsorship Fundraising for Chapter Events
  • Grants

How This Course Works 

This course is available in self-paced format.  Subject matter experts are available to assist you online, specifically members of the Chapter Development Team.

The course will be offered through Inforum, the Internet Society’s learning management system.

Course content will consist of readings, short online videos, mini-quizzes and discussions/activities. 

Connect will be used to facilitate course discussions and exchanges between Chapters.

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Special Thanks to the Following Contributors to the Development of this Course:

  • Niel Harper
  • Connie Kendig
  • Toral Cowieson
  • Lynn McNair
  • Joyce Dogniez
  • Day One Technologies