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The Harlem Internet Access Programme Feature Story
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We Believe...The Internet is for Everyone

For more than 20 years the Internet Society has been doing advocacy work at the intersection of policy, technology and development.

We believe...

  • In permission-less innovation 
  • Internet access is for everyone
  • This is your internet, this is your future, let your voice be heard

Impacts of Our Work

Harlem Internet Access Computer Programme

Taught out of a low-income housing residence, find out how the Harlem Internet Access Computer Programme helps seniors and people of all abilities reach out to the world.

Link to transcript of video


Opening Doors for the Blind & Visually Impaired in Armenia

There are 19,000 blind and visually impaired people in Armenia. On December 2006 the General Assembly of UN has adopted a convention about the rights of disabled people aiming to encourage regards to their dignity. With that in mind the Internet Society Armenia Chapter took the initiative to help the rehabilitation of the Cultural Center of the Armenian Society of Blind People (ASBP).

Link to transcript of video

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