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How We Work

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In the Internet’s short history, we have already witnessed attempts to shut down or limit discussions on key issues such as network neutrality, or to reframe the implications of policies, such as those that relate to cybersecurity. What we learn repeatedly is that the best and most lasting solutions are ones that we arrive at through cooperation and mutual respect, that are rooted in principle, and that open the door to innovation.

Open and Collaborative Approach

The success of the Internet depends on more than the work of one, single organization – no matter how big, diverse, or influential it may be.

We operate collaboratively and inclusively, working with governments, national and international organizations, Civil Society, the private sector and other parties to reach decisions about the Internet that conform to our core values.

Through our collective efforts, we help strengthen the multi-stakeholder approach that is necessary for the Internet to continue to thrive.

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Intersection of Policy, Technology and Development

We are uniquely positioned at the intersection of development-oriented (technical) groups, public policy, and technology activities; and we serve as the hub of a global network of individuals and organizations that are collectively working toward the shared vision of an Internet that benefits everyone, everywhere.

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