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Measuring Internet Health

Internet Health

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Why It Matters

Having a good, current, and thorough understanding of the health of the Internet allows technologists and businesses to work together to create and expand a robust Internet that benefits its users everywhere. Operators of network infrastructure understand a lot about their own network, its condition, and its limitations. Often network operators could benefit from knowledge about not only their own network but others' networks, to get this more complete understanding of the overall health of the Internet.

Our Work

We believe that developing this picture of the Internet can be done through a collaborative effort of network operators who have an interest in developing this knowledge and understanding. The Internet Society is working with Thinking Cat Enterprises on a new TechArk Network Operator Measurement Activity, or NOMA, project to bring network operators together to develop and share knowledge about key aspects of the health of the Internet. NOMA's stated goal is "to establish a platform for collaboration on the initial definition, collection, and dissemination of operator network measurements (self-instrumentation), with a goal of ensuring a better, shared understanding of what a “good” Internet looks like."

This builds on the work done for World IPv6 Launch, which provides a collaborative measurement of IPv6 built from the views of a number of disparate website owners (Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Akamai, and LinkedIn) and an early target will be to build some understanding of what IPv6 looks like from the access network provider point of view. The effort will be operator driven so the view on the measurements will be dependent on their ability and willingness to share data. We hope to be able to gain some assessment of other areas of interest related to security of the Internet infrastructure and end-to-end network performance in various circumstances.

Please revisit this page and the companion page on the Techark website for more information on this project as it develops.