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Global Internet User Survey 2012

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The Global Internet User Survey provides reliable information relevant to issues important to the Internet’s future and informs the Internet Society's programmes and activities.
In 2012, more than 10,000 people in 20 countries were asked about their attitudes towards the Internet and behaviours online, offering one of the broadest views of people’s attitudes about key issues our world faces when it comes to the Internet.
The questions ranged from how users manage personal information online, attitudes toward the Internet and human rights, and the potential for the Internet to address issues such as economic development and education.

Analyze the Data

We've created a new site for the Global Internet User Survey. Now you can view the results and dig deeper into each question of the survey. Navigate through categories and questions. Filter data by gender, age and country. Group your findings, share and download the results.

Example of the Global Internet User Survey data analyzerVisit the Global Internet User Survey site to:

- Discover the key findings from the survey

Download the Data

The data collected is openly available to everyone. Download the summary of the report.

The Global Internet User Survey Infographic

screenshot of global user survey pdf

We've developed an infographic that provides an overview of some of the key findings of the 2012 survey. See how users manage their personal information, their thoughts on the Internet's relationship to human rights - and much more.

Download the PDF version