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Join a Special Interest Group

Are you passionate about a particular Internet issue? Perhaps you want to create a better world for women in tech, or you want to see better internet education and accessibility for those with disabilities. Wherever you are in the world, you can now unite with like-minded people in doing something about it by joining an Internet Society Special Interest Group or SIG.

What is a Special Interest Group (SIG)?

Internet Society Special Interest Groups or SIGs are formed by Internet Society members and dedicated to a particular Internet issue. They differ from Chapters in that they’re location independent, so people join from all over the world to help the group pursue significant long-term activities that help further our mission. Individual members of the Internet Society can be members of both their local Chapter and a SIG, and collaboration is encouraged between SIGs and local Chapters for maximum local, regional, national and international impact.

How to Join a SIG

To join a Special Interest Group, find one that interests you and visit their website for details of how to join.