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How to start a Special Interest Group

If you feel passionately about a particular Internet-related cause, but you can’t find a Special Interest Group already dedicated to it, you can start your own. The application and charter process is the same as for Internet Society Chapters, so you’ll need to submit a completed application form and draft bylaws to the Internet Society for approval. This will include a statement of scope, which will be submitted to the Internet Society, Chapters and other SIGs for peer review. 

To ensure maximum impact, collaboration is encouraged between SIGs and geographical Chapters.

Stages of a Special Interest Group

When a SIG is first formed, it’s known as “Provisional” for up to two years. During this period, it can either continue until its charter expires or is withdrawn, or it can be converted to “Permanent” status.

Review Cycle

We review Special Interest Groups each year to ensure that the group and its speciality is still supporting our mission to achieve a free and open Internet for all. We’ll also ensure that the SIG members continue to support its aims and that those running the SIG continue to comply with the minimum standards laid out in the Charter.