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Summit on Community Networks in Africa

First Summit on CN in Africa

Community established networks also referred to as “Community Networks” (CN) have existed for many years and, provide a sustainable solution to address the connectivity gaps that exist in urban, remote, and rural areas around the world. In Africa, where these gaps are more evident, a recent survey was able to identify 37 community networks initiatives in 12 African countries, of which 25 are considered active. 

The objective of the summit is to promote the creation and growth of Community Networks, increase collaboration between community network operators in the region and to provide an opportunity for them to engage with other stakeholders. 

The 2nd Summit on Community Networks will be held on 25 – 26 May in Nairobi, Kenya and aims to build on the successful discussions that took place at the inaugural summit, held in November 2016. The 2nd summit will be preceded by a 3-day technical workshop on wireless networking technologies from 22 - 24 May 2017. 

For more information about the event, please visit Second Summit on Community Networks in Africa page.

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