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Asia Internet Symposium

Asia Internet Symposium, Hong Kong - Shaping our Lives with Internet of Things: 'the Angels and the Devils'

Date: Friday, 11 November 2016 
Location: Cyberport, Hong Kong
Organized by Internet Society Asia-Pacific Bureau and hosted by Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter, Asia Internet Symposium Hong Kong aims to provide a forum for different sectors on issues of IoT covering from applications, implications to forecast on areas of technology, social and political landscapes. 

Asia Internet Symposium, Bangkok - Internet of Things - Promises, Opportunities, Challenges and Risks

Date: Thursday, 22 September 2016 
Location: Siam Technology College, Bangkok 
Organized by Internet Society Asia-Pacific Bureau and hosted by Internet Society Thailand Chapter, Asia Internet Symposium Bangkok will bring together experts from Government, Industry, Civil Society, Start Up Association and Academia to deliberate on challenges and opportunities to come for the Internet of Things in Thailand.

Asia Internet Symposium-Online: Online Security and Building Trust in the Age of the Digital Economy

Date: Wednesday, 23 March 2016 
Time: 5.00 - 6.30 UTC  
AIS-Online (AIS-O) is a virtual space to discuss emerging Internet topics of common interest and importance to the Asia-Pacific region. It facilitates open discussions on emerging issues in and around the region using an online platform which allows wider participation, and targets the broader community including policy makers, governments, civil societies, the business community, industry and interested individuals. AIS-Online is typically 90 minutes in length and consists of a roundtable with invited subject matter experts on a single topic, followed by open dialogue with participants.

Asia Internet Symposium, Dhaka - Responsible Use of Social Media - The Bangladesh Case  

Date: Saturday, 10 October 2015 
Location: Gold Water Convention Center, Dhaka
Organized by Internet Society Asia-Pacific Bureau and hosted by Internet Society Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter, Asia Internet Symposium Dhaka will bring together experts from Government, Industry, Civil Society, Social Media Activist and Academia to deliberate on issues related of responsible use of social media in Bangladesh.  

Asia Internet Symposium, Jakarta 2015 - Cyber Security; Threats and Trends in Indonesia  

Date: Monday, 07 September 2015 
Location: Puri Denpasar Hotel 
Organized by Internet Society Asia-Pacific Bureau and hosted by Internet Society Indonesia Jakarta Chapter, Asia Internet Symposium Jakarta will bring together experts from Government, Industry and Civil Society to deliberate on threats and trends of cyber security in Indonesia. 

Asia Internet Symposium, Bangkok 2015 - Industry Roundtable Discussion: OTT Trends and Implications to the Thai Digital Economy

Date: 03 August 2015
Location: Swissotel Le Concorde, Bangkok 


Asia Internet Symposium, Seoul 2015 - Internet of Things; Policy and Technical Perspective 

Date: Tursday, 07 May 2015 
Location: Lotte Hotel Seoul

Organized by Internet Society Asia-Pacific Bureau and hosted by Internet Society Republic of Korea Chapter, Asia Internet Symposium Seoul will bring together leaders from Government, Business, Academia and End user communities to deliberate on technological and policy issues for IoT. 

Asia Internet Symposium, Chennai 2014 - India in the Open and Global Internet   

Date: Tuesday, 02 December 2014 
Location: Sheraton Park Hotel Chennai 

Asia Internet Symposium Chennai will bring together chapter members and local community leaders from business, civil society and government to learn about current issues and discuss India's role in the Internet Governance. The event will also attempt to gather inputs on ways by which India can broadly contribute to the future evolution of the Open and Global Internet.   

Asia Internet Symposium, Kolkata 2014 - Internet & Human Rights; Empowering the Users  

Date: Monday, 01 December 2014 
Location: Hotel Novotel Kolkata 

Asia Internet Symposium Kolkata will provide an opportunity for focused discussions on Internet as a tool to advance human rights and how it is linked with user empowerment in India. With a rapid evolvement in its digital landscape, India now hosts world’s second largest Internet user base.  

Asia Internet Symposium, Islamabad 2014 - Internet Governance in Pakistan; Building MultiStakeholder Collaboration 

Date: Saturday, 10 May 2014 
Location: Islamabad Serena Hotel

Asia Internet Symposium Islamabad will provide an opportunity for focused discussions on topical and current Internet Governance topics and include multi-stakeholder dialogue on building a strong future for the Internet in the country. With a recent rise in Broadband Internet penetration and improving digital literacy ratio in Pakistan, the Internet is regarded as the right tool for innovation, social empowerment, economic development and future progress of the community at large.

Asia Internet Symposium, Dhaka 2014 - Building the Next Generation of Mobile Internet in Bangladesh

Date: Saturday, 26 April 2014 
Location:Gold Water Convention Center, Dhaka 
Asia Internet Symposium Dhaka will draw from its proceedings to examine how mobile Internet will assist in building the next generation of users in Bangladesh. With a recent introduction of high-speed mobile Internet technologies in the country, the event will host deliberation on opportunities, challenges and expectations to extend Internet access in a country with just under 7% user penetration by population.

Asia Internet Symposium, Bangkok 2013 - Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (or TPP) and the future of the Knowledge Economy: Prospects for Thailand

Date: 6 November, 2013 
Time: 9:00-13:00
Location: Intercontinental Hotel, Bangkok (Platinum 1)

As the first Thailand AIS, Internet Society has chosen a topic on Knowledge Economy and free trade agreement i.e. specifically exploring the implications of emerging issues surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. This is also a timely discussion for the country in its lead up to its negotiation and possible entry into TPP Agreement in the near future.

The half day event will focus on understanding the instruments and mechanics of TPP and the role of free trade agreements in enhancing innovation and creativity in the Digital Age i.e. creating a Knowledge Economy. In addition, there will also be a study on the cross cutting implications of TPP across various sectors (ISP, education, programmers, legal, business, telecom industry, etc.)

Asia Internet Symposium, Kathmandu 2013

Date: Tuesday 1 October 2013 

Asia Internet Symposium (AIS) Kathmandu will draw from its proceedings to examine how local content in a developing country (Nepal) is created, exchanged and adapted. The event will discuss challenges linked with local content development in a country with 123 languages spoken as mother tongue.

Sydney 2013 -  Surveillance, Access and Internet Policy in the lead up the Federal Election

The Internet Society's Asia Internet Symposium (AIS) are a series of regional events that focus on debate, dialogue and deliberation on topical issues concerning the Internet. Typically a half-day or evening event, AIS is structured to provide an in-depth look at one particular topic with invited keynotes and presentations followed by a panel discussion.

Manila, 2013 - Internet Governance and the Community

There is a low level of awareness of Internet policy and governance issues in the Philippines. The general attitude is that the Internet is a common-place, and a given that will always be available for use as it is today.